Ever since 1935, TDK’s motto has been to develop electronic materials from scratch, starting with raw materials. These proprietary materials, and the material technologies developed from ferrite, have enabled TDK to offer the world unique electronic components. TDK’s main products are what are known as passive components which are the basic components used in all kinds of electric and electronic devices.
  • Multilayer Ceramics Capacitors: Automotive grade, Array, Dipped Radial, Mid - high Voltage (Disk with Lead Wire), Ultra- High Voltage, High Voltage
  • Inductors: For High Frequency, Decoupling, Power and Transponder Coils
  • Transformer: For Switching Power Supplier, Choke Coil for PFC, Step up Transformers and Pulse Transformer for LAN
  • Ferrites: For Switching Power Supplies, Telecommunication, Coils, EMI Suppression, High Power, Ultrasonic Applied Equipment
  • Magnetic Sheets: For Noise Suppression & RFID
  • Chip Varistors
  • RF & SAW Components and Modules
  • Magnet
  • Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells
  • Wireless or Contactless Charging Coil (WPC)
  • DC-DC Convertor: ALD Series (For LCD Panel with LED Backlight)
  • DC-AC Invertor: CXA Series (For CCFL Backlight of LCD Panel)