Samsung initiated its semiconductor operations in 1974, early operations consisted mostly of developing and mass producing ICs and peripherals for such consumer electronics as analog and LED watches, televisions, audio players and microwave ovens. The pivotal turning point in Samsung's evolution into a leading semiconductor manufacturer was the successful development of the 64Kb DRAM in 1983, the company's first memory product, and the subsequent opening of the Giheung Semiconductor Complex where it has been operating both memory and system LSI fabrication facilities since 1984.
  • DRAM
    - Server DRAM
    - Mobile DRAM
    - Consumer DRAM
    - Graphic DRAM
  • Flash Storage
    - V-NAND Technology
    - Client SSD
    - Enterprise SSD
    - eMMC
    - UFS
  • MCP (Multi-Chip Package)
    - eMMC based MCP
    - e-POP
  • Display Solution
    - AMOLED
    - TFT panel
  • Security Solutions
    - NFC
    - Smart Card
    - Simcard


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