Epson's electronic devices business comprises the quartz device business, and the semiconductor business, which also includes high-temperature polysilicon TFT for projectors. At their core, all of these devices share Epson's "saving" technologies - power saving, space saving and time saving - while co-existing with the global environment through energy saving, lowered resource consumption and the elimination of hazardous substances.
  • Quartz Crystal Products: Crystal, Oscillators, Real time clock Module, Filters / Automotive grade
  • Sensing Products: Gyro, Inertial, Pressure, Temperature Sensing Crystal
  • Sensing System Products: Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Inclinometers, Accelerometers
  • Semiconductor:
    - Microcontroller Products: 4/8/16/32 Bit MCU
    - Display Controllers, LCD driver IC
    - Camera Interface IC
    - USB Hub controller, Bus switch IC
    - USB/ATA interface IC
    - Thermal-head drivers