EC Sense

EC Sense is Germany GmbH global supply gas sensing technology, funded by a group of total 100 years experienced gas sensing specialists.EC Sense has invented new types of innovative “Solid Polymer Electrochemical Gas sensors” based on electrochemical principles. At present, it is a leading technology in the world, that enable users to break new ground in gas sensing and detection for Industry, Indoor Air quality, Outdoor air quality, Consumer application. By implementing a printing process for high volume production in terms of technical performance and production process. EC Sense provided Gas Module enabling users easy and fast integration, small in size, long lifetime, fast speed of response, no acid leakage, self testing, 100% linearity in range.


  • Gas sensors - Toxic Gas and Oxygen Gas
  • Smart Gas Sensor - Single Toxic gas, with housing, Selftesting
  • Gas Sensor Module - Sensor + Circuit Board, Single Gas, Double Gas, More Gas combination on one board
  • Gas Detection Device - RS485, 4-20mA, Bluetooth, Wifi, NBIoT, 4G,Lora output with Housing
  • Gas Generator - Formaldehyde Generator



  • Industry Safety
  • Outdoor Air Quality and Indoor air quality
  • Environmental Pollution, Emission Pollution
  • Personal & Smart Health
  • Business Solution