DAPU Telecom

DAPU Telecom is a leading provider of time-frequency solutions and components, focusing on applications for the timing and synchronisation industry for over 15 years. It continuously seek on innovations and is committed in providing high-quality clock and RF core products and solutions for global communication users, providing chip to module to product level solutions for global communication networks, power, industrial and medical markets. Established in 2005, DAPU Telecom is located in Dongguan, China and has offices in USA, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan, China.

Time Frequency Products 

  • High Stability Crystal Oscillator
  • Clock Modules
  • IEEE/PTP 1588 Clock Chip
  • RTC
  • Buffer
  • PLL
  • Timing Device
  • Timing Card
  • Clock Board 
  • Circulator 
  • Isolator 



  • Telecom
  • Communication networks-Base station, 3G/4G//5G
  • LTE and small Cell
  • Microwave equipment
  • Trucking communication
  • GPON
  • Access point  
  • Network Router
  • Power grid
  • Industrial control
  • Instrumentation
  • Private networks
  • Medical
  • Aerospace