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ADI EagleEye™ is a complete end-to-end, edge-based hardware and software technology platform solution for people counting and classification. The system data collection unlocks informed insights and analytics with an accurate, secure people counting capability. This data can provide the insight needed to improve asset and people management, social distancing, security, employee engagement, space utilization, labor productivity, and energy efficiency.

The platform was designed for smart buildings, smart retail and smart logistics use cases. ADI EagleEye™ people counting system enables increased employee wellbeing through added comfort. People spend 90% of their time indoors, so those spaces must be optimized for maximum comfort and health. Lighting and HVAC consume 64% of energy in buildings. Having insight about usage and the number of people in defined spaces enables building managers to make better-informed decisions, such as decreasing lighting or HVAC needs based on decreased demand.

The people counting system allows easy integration so you can solve higher complexity customer problems within your existing models. ADI offers hardware and software technology building blocks allowing customers without optical or camera experience go from evaluation to production in a rapid fashion. The easy integration of our secure people counting technology allows compatibility with many other sensors. Our software will easily integrate into your existing products and has the capability to be easily updated in the field with over the air communication for continuous innovation.

This webinar will review the ADI Eagle Eye counting technology and hardware and software building blocks. Attendees should expect to understand how they can build and integrate the Eagle Eye technology into their existing platforms and how ADI can support them through this process.

27 October 2021
2.30 pm
1.30 pm
11.00 am
4.30 pm
6.30 pm
1.30 pm
12.30 pm



Colm Slattery

Strategic Marketing Manager, Industrial Systems Group, Analog Devices

Colm is a strategic marketing manager for ADI in the Industrial Systems Group, based in Limerick, Ireland. He joined Analog in 1998 and has held multiple roles including test development, product and systems applications. Colm currently runs the Eagle Eye platform business and commercial strategy.



Alessandro Vinco

Systems Application Engineer, Industrial Systems Group, Analog Devices

Born and raised in Italy, Alessandro worked in start-ups and private companies in Ireland and the UK before joining Analog Devices International as a system applications engineer. His background spans across several wireless systems and technologies for smart buildings and environmental sensors, power management and electrical communications.




Posted on 27 Oct 2021