Mornsun Technical Seminar Invitation (New Delhi)

Excelpoint invites you to

Mornsun Technical Seminar Invitation (New Delhi)

3rd December 2019 TUESDAY | 10.00 am - 4.30 pm
The Piccadily New Delhi,
Janakpuri District Centre ComplexNew Delhi 110058, India


MORNSUN is a global leader in the field of industrial power supply that have its own independent Intellectual Property Rights of integrated circuit, innovative transformer structure, assembly system and appearance design. Over the past 20 years, MORNSUN applied 470+ patents for inventions & products as follows.

  • AC/DC converter
  • DC/DC converter
  • Adapter
  • Isolation transmitter
  • IGBT driver
  • LED driver 


Topics –

 1. EMC Diagnostic Skills and Case Analysis 


 2. The ultimate breakthrough in standardized DC/DC power supply modules (1W-250W) 


3. Risk Assessment of AC-DC Converter Applications 


Event Schedule –

Seminar Agenda

10:00 am Customer registration
10:30 am Welcoming speech & Company introduction 
11:00 am 1st speech: EMC Diagnostic Skills and Case Analysis and Q & A
12:00 pm Simple tea break
12:15 pm 2nd speech: The Ultimate Breakthrough in Standardized DC/DC Power Supply Modules and Q & A
1:15 pm Lunch
2:15 pm 3rd speech: Risk Assessment of AC-DC Converter Applications and Q & A
3:15 pm Application Overview of MORNSUN Power Supply
3:45 pm Lucky draw
4:15 pm Conclusion & Farewell speech 




For more information, please contact

Umesh Singh 

T +91 80 1046 6154 



Ekta Jaywant Patil 

T  022 - 4237 5808



Your presence will do us a great honor and we look forward to seeing you.

Posted on 3 Dec 2019