Alango Technologies

Alango develops advanced, front-end digital signal processing technologies for voice and audio application. Their technologies improve the quality of voice communication and audio experience in a variety of real life scenarios, reducing different types of noises, enhancing speech, canceling acoustic echoes and dynamically equalizing signal volume and spectrum according to current acoustic conditions.

Digital signal processing technologies for voice and audio applications:

  • ADM - Adaptive Dual Microphone
  • AEC - Acoustic Echo Cancelling
  • AFR - Acoustic Feedback Reduction
  • AVQ - Automatic Volume & eQualization Control
  • AVQ-Me - AVQ for Music and Entertainment
  • AWNR - Adaptive Wind Noise Reduction
  • DRC - Dynamic Range Compression
  • ISM - Intelligent Speech Mixer
  • NS - Noise Suppression
  • Mono to Stereo conversion - mono to stereo convertor for speech and music.
  • MuRefiner - set of integrated DSP technologies for music and entertainment applications enhancing user audio experience.
  • PLC - Packet Loss Concealment - masks the effects of lost or discarded signal packets.


[ ASEAN region only ]